Public Safety Boosters – Fast Installations – Free Quotes

Public Safety Boosters – Fast Installations – Free Quotes
May 1, 2019 Berk-Tel Communications

Public Safety Booster specialists from Berk-Tel Communications

Public Safety Booster Installers & Upgrade Services

Berk-Tel Communications is committed to providing excellence in service and system innovation since its inception in 1998.Berk-Tel is your one stop company for providing Public Safety Boosters for the NFPA 72 standards. Berk-Tel is well-known for generating remarkable results for property developers, property managers, building owners, and IT partners using specialized equipment to quantify those results for their clients.

“Our team works to provide solutions that go beyond the installation of components or the provision of services,” says Brian Berken, Managing Partner at Berk-Tel. The company takes pride in their totally customized solutions and the remarkable results that clients in a multitude of markets have come to rely on them for. “Berk-Tel’s goal has never been to simply sell products, but to add value by truly partnering with our customers,” Brian continues.

Our Public Safety Boosters is a Bi-Directional Amplifier system that guarantees first responders at the scene of an emergency are able to communicate with each other and with their station.

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Berk-tel provides systems of in-building communication systems that bring wireless signals and amplifies those signals to guarantee communication throughout building or campuses of any size.

As the company continues to grow, it remains faithful to a few core values – partnership, integrity, accountability. Passionate about the solutions they provide and easy to work with, it’s no surprise that they have seen such success. “We take what we do very seriously, and we’re always looking for ways to improve our company and the lives of the people it touches, but we have a lot of fun doing it,” Brian concludes.

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