NFPA Fire Code Changes: PSERN ERRCS BDA Systems in King County Washington Buildings

We Know When Lives Are On The Line, Every Second Counts.

BERK-TEL COMMUNICATIONS mission is to provide the highest quality PSERN BDA SYSTEM BI-DIRECTIONAL AMPLIFER (I-BAND) so that public servants are protected as well as the citizens they work so hard to protect. Ensure your building is equipped for critical communications with a Berk-Tel Communications Public Safety DAS PSERN system solution.

Contact us today to update your current PSERN Public Safety BDA / DAS DISTRIBUTED ANTENNA SYSTEM (ICE) system or install a new system and ensure you are up to date, fully functional, and compliant with current codes.

The National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) made changes to Seattle fire codes for buildings, and developers and contractors need to know how this affects their properties. A two-way radio communication enhancement/signal booster system may be required in all buildings.

The communication system is known as a BDA system (bi-directional amplifier system) or public safety DAS (PSDAS) and is installed into a structure to enhance radio bands that are used by public safety personnel. Our distinct installation is called I-BAND.

It works with amplifiers and antennas to amplify radio signals and rebroadcast them throughout the building, especially in areas that would be “dead zones” for public safety professionals, such as parking garages or stairwells. So, why are they so important?