Maritime Communication Services

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Berk-Tel Communications offers innovative maritime communication services for commercial and recreational applications coupled with exceptional customer service and superior quality standards. No matter how large or small your vessel is, we’ll proudly design a custom communication system and implement a complete installation.

2 Reasons Why You Need Maritime Communication Services

Cell signal can be affected by factors out of your control, including:

Proximity to a Cell Tower

Cellular devices on marine vessels like boats and yachts have more problems obtaining frequency waves from cell towers as they travel further away from shore. This is because the waves transmitted from the tower weaken, or attenuate, as they travel away from the point of origin (the cell tower).

Object Interference

Man-made and natural structures and elements in the environment can interfere with cell signal as it travels toward you. Forests, mountains, and weather are just a few factors that can obstruct signal reception. The obstruction wouldn’t likely exist between you and shore, but somewhere between shore and the closest cell tower.

How To Fix Cell Phone Problems on Your Boat

We use antennas and amplifiers to enable your vessel to more effectively acquire the signal and amplify it. It’s important to note that this communication system would not be able to create a signal where it doesn’t exist, only improve existing signal and increase your capabilities for traveling farther offshore without such rapidly deteriorated service.


Cell phone signal is emitted from a cell tower at maximum strength and weakens as it travels toward you

    1. Exterior antennas obtain the weak signal and send it to be amplified
    2. Amplifiers boost your signal
    3. Interior antennas rebroadcast a strong signal throughout the vessel


Your cellular devices get better coverage

You can count on our decades of telecommunications experience. All of our equipment is professional-grade and compatible with all devices and carriers. Have a cellular enhancement system installed on your boat, yacht, or ship and enjoy long-lasting results!

Maritime Communication Services for All Vessels

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    • River Boats
    • Patrol Boats
    • Ferries
    • Barges
    • Yachts
    • Houseboats
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