Interior Cellular Enhancement System for Commercial Buildings

Why Commercial Buildings Need an Interior Cellular Enhancement System

Large buildings create an environment that makes it difficult for cell phones to reach their provider’s outdoor network (macro), due to a multitude of factors like the building materials, surrounding structures, and proximity to cell towers. We provide interior cellular enhancement systems for commercial buildings and sites like high-rises or towers, campuses, financial institutions, and office buildings of all sizes.

Our “I.C.E.” interior cellular enhancement system extends the cellular signal of multiple carriers within industrial or commercial buildings. A distributed antenna system (DAS) amplifies and distributes cell signal so that residents, visitors, or employees can enjoy a steady connection while using their cellular device inside of large structures, such as stadiums, warehouses, or high-rises, for example. The interior cellular enhancement system supports multiple mobile network operators (MNOs), including large carriers such as AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, or Verizon, as well as smaller carriers.

How Does it Work in a Large Building?

An “I.C.E.” interior cellular enhancement system connects to a source of mobile signal via a base transceiver station or bi-directional amplifier. This amplifier receives the network’s radio frequency and re-transmits it within the building via an ultra-low loss cable like an optical fiber or coaxial cable. Antennas are placed strategically throughout the building to evenly distribute the signal and maintain optimal coverage for users.

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Optimal Connection on ALL Networks

Berk-Tel Communications created “I.C.E.” which is a proprietary, advanced interior cellular enhancement system that amplifies and distributes the frequencies of ALL United States mobile networks on ANY of their 2G, 3G, 4G/LTE technologies.

Does it Read or Modify my Information?

Our interior cellular enhancement system simply improves conditions for voice and data frequencies to successfully penetrate through walls, floors, or ceilings, and into low-signal spaces, such as underground levels or basements, and does not have the capability of reading or modifying information of any kind.

This means it is impossible for the equipment to eavesdrop on calls, monitor web browsing, read texts and email messages, or conduct any other type of data monitoring. It is also incapable of reporting statistics related to MNOs or applications.

Eliminate Battery Drain

When a mobile connection is insufficient or weak, internal antenna activity is heightened and increases the output of the device’s battery.

Once the interior cellular enhancement system is installed, users can rely on consistently clear phone calls, rapid message distribution, and high-speed data even in “dead spots” that are so common in commercial or industrial spaces.

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