Industrial Cellular Signal Enhancement

Cellular Signal Solutions for Industrial Business

Distributed antenna systems are essential in your industrial warehouse, factory, plant, or complex because they improve data security and ensure emergency communications are fully functional. Cellular signal enhancement is important for business in a society that relies heavily on mobile devices.

Why Update or Install Cellular Signal Enhancement Equipment?

We rely on mobile devices for much more than personal calls and social media; they’ve become pivotal business components. Dropped or missed calls and messages can disrupt the day in minute ways, but in emergencies can lead to more devastating consequences. Cellular signal enhancement is not just a luxury; it helps your business operate smoothly and makes sure that your business communications are always professional.

How Does Industrial Cellular Signal Enhancement Work?

Cellular signal enhancement involves a series of antennas, or repeaters, that we distribute throughout your facility, especially in “dead zones” such as parking garages or metal enclosures. Industrial buildings are made of materials that obstruct our devices while they’re attempting to acquire cellular signals from outside the building, as well as prevent their transmission of signals back out of the building.

We also install antennas on the exterior of your building, usually on the roof, and connect them amplifiers and the indoor antennas. So, the antennas on your roof obtain cell signal from a cell tower, then send it indoors to be amplified and redistributed.

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We work with every sector from local industrial businesses with one location to national service providers, manufacturers, and distributors. Some of our previous clients are Pepsico, Pfizer, McGough, DOW, and the Sierra Nevada brewing company. Put our decades of experience to work for you with a robust, durable, industrial-grade, custom distributed antenna system.

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