Frequently Asked Questions

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[/fusion_text][accordian class=”” id=””][toggle title=”Q? WHAT IS “ICE” (AND DAS)?” open=”no”]“ICE” is an acronym for Interior Cellular Enhancement and DAS is an acronym for distributed antenna system. An “ICE” system is a group of small antennas working together to send amplified cellular signals to improve coverage and reliability in areas where traditional cell towers have trouble reaching users. This type of system is perfect for any single building, large facility, or multi-unit campus. Whereas a cell tower antenna broadcasts over a large geographic area providing sizeable coverage to a multitude of users, each antenna in the “ICE” system serves as a “mini” cell tower sending enhanced signal strength and bandwidth over a smaller interior area.[/toggle][toggle title=”Q? WHY SHOULD PROPERTY OWNERS INSTALL AN “ICE” SYSTEM?” open=”no”]There are a number of reasons to have an “ICE” system installed in your building, facility or throughout your campus. Among other things, (1) having “ICE” improves the marketability of the property by increasing connectivity, (2) in-building wireless coverage is historically difficult and getting worse with LEED-certified buildings as well as faster 4G and LTE signals, and (3) “ICE” improves the safety of the building’s occupants by enhancing the ability to reliably use emergency services like 911 for police and fire.[/toggle][toggle title=”Q? DOES BERK-TEL DO CABLING AS WELL AS SYSTEM DESIGN?” open=”no”]Yes! Berk-Tel is a full-service communications system provider. We will work with you to identify requirements, design and propose solutions, and then execute the plan with our nationwide network of expert installers. We work with all major data, cellular, and voice equipment and providers and provide full-service cabling and installation services.[/toggle][toggle title=”Q? DO YOU HAVE NATIONWIDE COVERAGE?” open=”no”]Yes! At Berk-Tel, we maintain a nationwide network of professional service providers to meet your business needs wherever they may be. Whether you are opening a new branch office, supporting national sales reps, or maintaining a remote shipping and distribution center – we’ve got you covered. Read more about our coverage by clicking here.[/toggle][toggle title=”Q? HOW DO WE GET STARTED?” open=”no”]Please contact us and we will get the ball rolling on your next communications project![/toggle][/accordian][/one_full][separator style_type=”none” top_margin=”15″ bottom_margin=”” sep_color=”” border_size=”” icon=”” icon_circle=”” icon_circle_color=”” width=”” alignment=”center” class=”” id=””][/fullwidth]