Distributed Antenna System Vendors for Retail

Experienced Distributed Antenna System Vendors

Large and small retailers are turning to distributed antenna system vendors like us to expand their cellular coverage area and resolve connectivity issues. We use two decades of experience in service of shops, stores, and malls of all shapes and sizes.

Boost Customer Experience

We use our phones to do more than manage our personal lives, and distributed antenna systems are an asset for acquiring and maintaining quality employees and customers. Weak and erratic cell signal can be simple to overcome with interior cellular enhancement. Upon installation and activation, you’ll immediately notice improved voice clarity, more rapid messaging, internet browsing, and data upload/downloads, and an expanded coverage area, regardless of your carrier or device.

Improve Security

“Dead zones” like stairwells and parking garages can be massive liabilities or mild annoyances, however, they can be permanently fixed with little investment of time and money. Businesses seek out distributed antenna system vendors to help their customers have a more positive experience but also to improve communications for employees, especially security staff in large, busy retail locations.

None of our equipment is capable of reading or broadcasting information, so all personal and professional data security is maintained, if not improved. A weak cell signal is more easily manipulated by outside interference.

There are unlimited benefits to having distributed antenna system vendors install commercial cell boosters in your building. When your facility is very busy or filled with “data-hungry” patrons, user load on nearby cell towers can lead to severely throttled voice, messaging, and data quality/speed. Improved cellular signal reduces the need for public Wi-Fi networks, which are risky and affect management or office Wi-Fi. It can be extremely difficult to overcome weak or erratic cell signal without a distributed antenna system when your building is composed of concrete, brick, tile, steel, or thick, reflective glass. These materials deflect and obstruct cell signal easily and are very common causes of cell phone signal problems in commercial buildings.

When we’re working to install your distributed antenna system, maintaining discreet, clean, and safe working areas is our top priority. None of your operations or technologies will be disturbed. Learn more about the steps we take to secure your interior cellular enhancement system.

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Distributed antenna systems are becoming a necessity rather than a luxury. Eliminate erratic/weak signal with I.C.E.
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