DAS Installation in Entertainment Venues

DAS Installation for Entertainment & Athletics Facilities

The problem for crowds at a festival or sporting event is that nearby cell towers experience high user load, and every cell tower has a capacity. Distributed antenna systems help to amplify and extend that service to make it available and more reliable for more people.

DAS Installation is Good for Business 

Large buildings and sites like stadiums, arenas, fields, or festival sites are designed to accommodate huge quantities of people, and during an event many individuals, concentrated in one area, are on their phone making voice calls, sending texts and emails, uploading media, browsing the web, or posting to social media. Your guests are promoting your event/team/venue!

Large & Small Facilities Alike Need DAS Installation

Super Bowl LI, or 51, was held in our hometown state of Minnesota this year, and the massive US Bank Stadium construction captivated our attention in the year before. The state of the art facility is equipped with extensive cellular enhancement technology, including antennas placed under seats and in handrails, and large spherical “MatSing” balls suspended from the ceiling, but the facility relies largely on a huge distributed antenna system consisting of thousands of antennas. The stadium’s management may have gone over-kill on cellular enhancement, but it shows their knowledge of how necessary it is for their guests, staff, players, media, etc. to have great cell service and a seamless experience.

DAS installation creates a wireless-communications infrastructure that supports excessive user demand and brings amplified signal into places that would otherwise be “dead” like parking ramps or locker rooms, for example. No matter how large or small your venue is, from moderately sized concert venues to average hockey arenas to massive stadiums, we have the experience to equip your facility with a robust cellular enhancement system.

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Powerful & Compatible

We use our design and engineering expertise to create and install a distributed antenna system that is durable, long-lasting, powerful, and compatible with all devices and networks. When cell carriers install your DAS system, they might only install antennas that support their service. We have a great relationship with all of the major networks and work with them to stay updated on their technologies. Some of our past clients we’ve provided DAS installation service for entertainment venues are NBC Sports and the University of Minnesota.

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