Cellular Enhancements for Education

Cellular Enhancements for Educational Facilities

High-security facilities, large corporations, and private and public institutions have relied on our services for decades. We’re proud to deliver long-lasting results to our clients: enhanced security, and evenly distributed, amplified cell signal.

Experienced Provider of Cellular Enhancements for Schools, Colleges & Dorms

Berk-Tel has extensive experience with cellular enhancements for universities, colleges, schools, dorms, and campuses. Some of our past clients include large state universities, private universities, and community colleges. We’re passionate about helping your institution eliminate the multitude of problems related to weak cell signal in buildings and on campus. Our team is composed of the most experienced designers and installers of cellular enhancements in the nation.

Wireless Devices Are Used to Learn, Plan & Collaborate

Although there are downfalls to a society that relies so heavily on wireless, always-on communication, there’s no denying that our smartphones and tablets are also tools for inquiry, creativity, leadership, collaboration, and planning.

The need for quality voice calls, messaging, and high-speed data extends to many facets of our personal and professional lives; some frivolous, but many necessary. Teachers and students alike need to remain connected to their personal and professional lives while they’re working and studying at your institution.

Cellular Enhancements Strengthen Data Security

Furthermore, when sensitive information is being relayed to and from financial aid or records departments, it must be protected. Outdated infrastructure and equipment are more susceptible to overload and interference, both of which can lead to compromise. Cellular enhancements actually improve data security, and none of our equipment is capable of reading, modifying, or broadcasting information of any kind.

Cellular Enhancements Ensure Critical Communications

Quality voice calling is essential in critical situations when security staff must remain connected. Improving cell coverage in your educational facility isn’t just a luxury for staff and students; it can be essential for anyone inside the building to be able to communicate with the outside world during crises and emergencies.

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Why Schools Need Cellular Enhancements

An average of 85% of wireless calls are made indoors where signal transmitted from cell towers is obstructed by glass windows and cement walls, for example. Many modern environmental design specifications, such as Low-E glass windows, worsen signal extensively in commercial buildings and institutions. Cellular enhancements are a necessity in public and private facilities where the safety and security of many individuals are of concern.

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Our Process

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