Interior Cellular Enhancement for Hospitality Applications

Why is Cellular Enhancement Important in Hospitality?

An in-building “I.C.E.”, or interior cellular enhancement system, adds value to your property by improving guests’ experience and employee productivity. Interior cellular enhancement gives you a competitive edge in the wireless era, in which we need to be constantly connected for a multitude of reasons. When you’re at capacity, there are huge numbers of people competing for the same cell towers for service. Give your hospitality clientele and employees the wireless coverage they deserve. We design and install cellular enhancement systems for resorts, hotels, B&Bs, remote lodges, casinos, restaurants, bars/pubs, and spas.

Great Coverage is Great for Business

Weak cell signal is more than just an inconvenience; it hinders business operations, emergency communications, and client satisfaction. Many factors affect your guest’s feelings about their stay or visit, and wireless coverage is certainly one of them. A bad experience can lead to loss of future customers. Interior cellular enhancement is a cost-effective way to reduce guest complaints and improve the reputation of your facility among businesspeople and recreational visitors.

As the owner or operator of a hospitality facility, you know that your guests expect great cellular coverage regardless of their provider or technology. Multi-tenant buildings like hotels, casinos, or office towers have special considerations concerning cellular coverage. For example, commercial windows are much thicker than residential windows are, and the windows can block coverage even more if they’ve been treated with low-E film.[/fusion_text][/one_half]


Advantages of “I.C.E.” Interior Cellular Enhancement

  • Great wireless coverage for employees and guests, regardless of carrier
  • Improve guest experience and reputation
  • Optimize operations and productivity by eliminating interference
  • Increase coverage area, traffic volume, signal stability and clarity
  • Supplement security by facilitating reliable communications during crisis/emergency response, for security staff, public safety personnel, and first responders
  • Seamless integration with existing wireless systems
  • Undisturbed facility/network operations during installation or maintenance

The Technology: “I.C.E.” Interior Cellular Enhancement

Mobile network frequencies are obstructed by buildings, so most people have reduced coverage indoors regardless of their carrier. An “I.C.E.” system overcomes signal degradation by re-transmitting mobile network signals indoors via radios and antennas. It takes existing signals from multiple carriers and brings them indoors, bypassing obstructions such as steel or concrete building walls and roofs, or thick/coated/covered windows. Berk-Tel Communications, Inc. is a leading provider of interior wireless solutions – from design and engineering to installation and maintenance, we are committed to quality, value, and adherence to your expectations and applicable guidelines and laws. During installation, you can expect a clean, discreet, and safe operation.

Don’t let slow data speeds and poor call quality affect your clients’ experience. Update your current cellular enhancement system or install a new one with no downtime or interruptions for your operations.