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Cellular Antenna System for Housing Applications

Low-Cost Investment, Big Returns

A distributed antenna system provides value to your tenants or clients and improves their experience in your building. An optimized cellular signal can also be critical in emergency situations and could protect you and your tenants from risk. Cellular enhancement is a low-cost investment that gives potential tenants another incentive for renting, leasing, or buying from you.

Maximize Value with a Distributed Antenna System

As a real estate agent or property manager, you understand that small details can be hugely persuasive. Nearly everyone in the world depends on their cellular devices constantly, for work, emergency, and personal interactions. Our mission is to work with you to provide the best value to your tenants and clients.

Install an antenna system in your home, apartment, condo or cooperative for an affordable investment that is long-lasting and requires no downtime. We also can install a residential antenna system in your personal home, estate, or condominium.

Improve Cell Signal & Security

Drastically improve cellular signal for your tenants or employees – they’ll thank you for it! No matter which carrier or device they are using, they will be impressed by a significant increase in signal clarity, stability, and coverage.

Our equipment is not capable of reading, modifying, or broadcasting information, which means it will not disturb anyone’s privacy. In fact, a weak cell signal can make personal and professional information more vulnerable.

Your security staff will have more reliable communications between internal employees and with public safety personnel. Our antenna system integrates seamlessly with your existing wireless system, and we guarantee that we will maintain a clean, safe, and discreet operation during installation.

How Does a Commercial Antenna System Work?

A commercial antenna system for housing applications involves a series of antennas and amplifiers that are installed to more effectively acquire, amplify, and redistribute strong cell signal throughout your building. We find the places on your property with the best cell phone signal (most of the time on the roof) and install exterior antennas there, which are connected to discreet indoor antennas placed in areas of your building with a weak signal, especially garages or stairwells.


Comprehensive Service for Professionals & Homeowners

We’re happy to serve the commercial and residential housing sectors, working with property owners to address their cellular coverage for personal use, as well as assisting real estate, property management, and large-scale commercial housing professionals. We work with you to design a custom antenna system and conduct a seamless installation.

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