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    Big Box Retail Cell Booster DAS System Case Study

    Because IKEA’s world-renowned retail floor spaces are so vast, averaging 325,000 sq ft per store, guests have historically experienced poor cellular connections inside the store. Consequentially, IKEA’s plan to release their new “Shop & Go” online checkout app for guests to use in stores was somewhat premature without a clear, consistent and dependable connection to their online infrastructure. IKEA’s positive…

  • BDA Systems

    How Does A BDA System Work During A Fire?

    A BDA (Bi-Directional Amplifier) system is designed to improve wireless communication within a building, particularly in areas where signals may be obstructed or weakened. During a fire, these systems are essential in providing reliable communication between first responders and building occupants. When a fire breaks out, the BDA system will automatically switch to emergency mode, prioritizing communication for emergency responders…

  • Cell Phone Boosters

    Benefits of distributed antenna system (DAS / Berk-Tel Communications Digital Ice) in a retail store

    A distributed antenna system (DAS “BERK-TEL COMMUNICATIONS DIGITAL ICE) is a network of antennas that are strategically placed throughout a building or facility to improve cellular and wireless coverage. In a retail store, implementing a DAS can provide several benefits, including: Improved cellular and wireless coverage: With a DAS, customers and employees can enjoy uninterrupted cellular and wireless coverage throughout…