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    NFPA 1802: Improving Standards for Firefighter Radios

    Link To By John Facella For the past five years, a group of firefighters, manufacturers, and experts have met across the United States to work on creating a new standard for portable radios. Because National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 1802,┬áStandard on Two-Way, Portable RF Voice Communications Devices for Use by Emergency Services…

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    Public Safety Boosters – Fast Installations – Free Quotes

    Public Safety Booster specialists from Berk-Tel Communications Public Safety Booster Installers & Upgrade Services Berk-Tel Communications is committed to providing excellence in service and system innovation since its inception in 1998.Berk-Tel is your one stop company for providing Public Safety Boosters for the NFPA 72 standards. Berk-Tel is well-known for generating remarkable results…

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    DAS System Intallers – Jacksonville Florida

    DAS System Installers in Jacksonville Florida A DAS (Distributed Antenna System) is important to improve first responder’s two-way radio communication. Berk-Tel Communication can install Public Safety DAS systems in Florida and all throughout the United States. Ensure your building is equipped for Critical Communications with a Ber-Tel DAS solution. Whether meeting NFPA requirements…

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    Jacksonville Florida DAS Installations

    Is your building in Jacksonville Florida equipped for Emergency Communication? First responders in Jacksonville Florida rely increasingly on wireless communication devices, and in emergencies they cannot afford signal loss or delay caused by attenuation, interference, or reflection. The National Fire Protection Association has enacted ordinances requiring minimum levels of coverage for Public Safety…

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    In Building DAS (Distributed Antenna Systems) for LEED-Certified Buildings

    In Building DAS (Distributed Antenna Systems) for LEED-Certified Buildings Much like in building DAS (Distributed Antenna Systems), LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certifications are important features for commercial buildings. LEED is a rating system that was developed by the US Green Building Council to assess the environmental impact and performance of…