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  • BDA Systems

    How Does A BDA System Work During A Fire?

    A BDA (Bi-Directional Amplifier) system is designed to improve wireless communication within a building, particularly in areas where signals may be obstructed or weakened. During a fire, these systems are essential in providing reliable communication between first responders and building occupants. When a fire breaks out, the BDA system will automatically switch to emergency mode, prioritizing communication…

  • Cell Phone Boosters

    Benefits of distributed antenna system (DAS / Berk-Tel Communications Digital Ice) in a retail store

    A distributed antenna system (DAS “BERK-TEL COMMUNICATIONS DIGITAL ICE) is a network of antennas that are strategically placed throughout a building or facility to improve cellular and wireless coverage. In a retail store, implementing a DAS can provide several benefits, including: Improved cellular and wireless coverage: With a DAS, customers and employees can enjoy uninterrupted cellular and…

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    Berk-Tel Communications is a member of Safer Building Coalition

    The Safer Building Coalition is an advocacy group and resource for everything related to solving for In-Building Wireless “Dead Zones” including Commercial Cellular (LTE / 5G), LMR (Land Mobile Radio), Emergency Responder Communications Enhancement Systems (ERCES), Private LTE, and Future Technologies.   The Safer Building Coalition serves: AHJ Wireless Industry First Responders Building and End Users Design…

  • Cell Phone Boosters

    Having trouble getting a solid cell signal in your building?

    Link To By John Facella For the past five years, a group of firefighters, manufacturers, and experts have met across the United States to work on…

  • News

    Berk-Tel is Leading Distributed Antenna System (DAS) Company with Innovation

    Features Of Berk-Tel’s DAS Systems Designed to be functional and durable. Quality metal construction makes this booster strong and durable. This professional grade product is perfect for industrial applications. Client Focused, Driven by Results Berk-Tel Communications, Inc. has been committed to excellence in service and system innovation since its inception in 1998, providing a full range of…

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