Big Box Retail Cell Booster DAS System Case Study

Big Box Retail Cell Booster DAS System Case Study
July 21, 2023 Berk-Tel Communications
cell booster,das system

Because IKEA’s world-renowned retail floor spaces are so vast, averaging 325,000 sq ft per store, guests have historically experienced poor cellular connections inside the store. Consequentially, IKEA’s plan to release their new “Shop & Go” online checkout app for guests to use in stores was somewhat premature without a clear, consistent and dependable connection to their online infrastructure.

IKEA’s positive experience with Berk-Tel’s previous short-run of work on a handful of single store projects led to the ultimate conclusion that Berk-Tel’s tested Digital “ICE” solution as well as
their large national footprint of experienced and licensed installers were the perfect solution for this fast-approaching request of such a large-scale, multi-city project rollout.

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