Bi-Directional Public Safety (BDA) Solutions For Florida

Bi-Directional Public Safety (BDA) Solutions For Florida
May 20, 2019 Berk-Tel Communications

What is the NFPA 72 Code and what does it require for commercial buildings in Florida?

The NFPA 72 Code in Florida requires that emergency communication systems and associated operating protocals are effective for large-scale emergencies in buildings with challenging radio frequency propagaton environments, and that they can be used to identify, locate, and track emergency responders in the field and within building environments.

Berk-Tel Communications installs and services Public Saftey DAS Boosters to meet Florida’s requirements.

While some Florida jurisdictions had already adopted this code, “it’s now statewide code,” said Karl Thompson, Chief Engineer of the Florida Division of the State Fire Marshal, Bureau of Fire Prevention, and member of the Safer Buildings Coalition.

The NFPA 1 Annex is a five-page document offering specific recommendations for performance, testing, and monitoring of radio enhancement systems (RES), better known as DAS or BDA systems.

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With nearly two decades of experience with engineering, design, and installation of our innovative I-BAND public safety band enhancement solution, we’re one of the few commercial contractors that are experienced with the technical aspects of this new building code. Our goal is to be your trusted partner for installations in new constructions or retrofit projects while keeping costs down and delays at a minimum. We’ve created designs that meet AHJ and NFPA code requirements for new and retrofit installations.

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