In-house design and engineeing Signal Enhancement Team On Staff

In-house design and engineeing Signal Enhancement Team On Staff
January 31, 2020 Berk-Tel Communications

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BDA Public Safety Boosters Procedures Step By Step

BERK-TEL’s BDA Public Safety Signal enhancement installation services, equipment, and signal boosters are reasonably and affordably priced. We use our industry expertise to get the best quality boosters at the lowest price.

For your security and safety, all our installers are certified, licensed, bonded and insured. Our nationwide network consists of the most experienced technicians in the industry.

Send us your floor plan and answer questions about your buildings components, site layout, signal requirements, and system expectations.

Our experienced engineers design a preliminary system from the information contained in the previous step. An initial cost estimate is submitted to your company at NO COST.

We send a technician to review your site, test for cellular or Public Safety Band signals, and review all coverage areas for the system installation. This information is documented and available to the client in the post-installation sign-off data.

Design & Engineering

Our experienced engineering team will confirm the system design based on the information secured from all of the previous steps.

The Berk-Tel team of experienced technicians will professionally install the entire system to meet local and national building codes.

We power ON and adjust your system to ensure maximum coverage at your site while also eliminating interference with all other building signals.

Next, we perform interior signal testing and provide documented readings for each cellular carrier frequency throughout the coverage areas of your site.

Berk-Tel Communications will provide LIFETIME support, remote assistance, and customer service for your Public Safety Signal Systems.


BERK-TEL COMMUNICATIONS has has been installing BDA PUBLIC SAFETY SYSTEMS  and DAS DISTRIBUTED ANTENNA SYSTEMS since the technology was new 15+ years ago.  BERK-TEL COMMUNICATIONS has installed unique and cost effective signal booster systems (cellular and public safety) to cover more than 120 million square feet all around the country in apartments and hotels, office buildings, warehouses and manufacturing, hospitals and clinics, college and university campuses, retail buildings, casinos, etc.

We have a very simple process of getting budget numbers for projects like yours:

  • You send us floor plans
  • We work directly with the AHJ to secure all the frequency and channel information
  • Our engineers put together a bidding price
  • We submit a proposal to your group

I-BAND graphic showing how components are installed in a building

A Public Safety DAS System May Be Required By Law

An in-building DAS system increases the safety of building occupants. In cases of emergency, a public safety DAS system or “I-BAND” network facilitates indoor 911 calls and is better equipped to handle the multitude of simultaneous calls that would otherwise overwhelm the available wireless coverage. It also provides first responders with improved communication. Public safety personnel such as firefighters and policemen require a reliable wireless network to communicate – whether by voice or by data content. This is especially true in critical areas such as stairwells, where unaided radio frequency signals are weakest. For these reasons, in-building amplification systems are already being required in certain municipalities.

It is literally a matter of life and death when a firefighter is in a building trying to communicate with his or her team outdoors. The National Fire Protection Association has enacted ordinances requiring minimum levels of coverage for Public Safety communication within new buildings. In 2009, two national fire codes – the National Fire Protection Association and the International Fire Code – addressed the need for an in-building system such as “I-BAND”. These codes are adopted in municipalities across the country. One notable example is Clark County, Nevada, which last year adopted and expanded on Appendix J of the IFC to require amplification systems, such as a public safety DAS system, to achieve a required level of radio coverage. We expect this trend to continue and ultimately become a requirement under all municipal fire codes.

Custom Public Safety DAS System Installation by Berk-Tel Communications

Our mission is to provide the highest quality I-BAND wireless signal amplification systems so that public servants are protected as well as the citizens they work so hard to protect. Ensure your building is equipped for critical communications with a Berk-Tel Communications DAS system solution. Whether meeting NFPA requirements for first responders, or ensuring your security personnel’s two-way radios function at full-reliability, Berk-Tel Communications provides custom signal amplification products and services that are cost-effective and robust.