February 8, 2021 Berk-Tel Communications
Berk-Tel Communications has been awarded COMPANY of the YEAR by Telecom Outlook Magazine.


BERK-TEL COMMUNICATIONS INC. was founded under the idea that nationwide companies need help with the coordination and implementation of their Telecom and Data needs. By providing a single point of contact, BERK-TEL is able to maximize efficiency and economy but at the same time offer value added solutions that are tailored to each customer.

BERK-TEL has an immense network that encompasses the entire country. With over 2,000 dispatch locations and 30,000 technicians, BERK-TEL is able to handle major metropolitan cities as well as small towns.

BERK-TEL’s customers enjoy on-site service and maintenance 24 hours a day, seven days a week through our toll free 1-877 number. On average, our response time on emergency service calls is less than 4 hours, which is under the industry standard. Work performed can be on a time and materials basis or we are able to tailor an annual maintenance contract for you.

Many nationwide companies have chosen BERK-TEL to handle their telecom and data needs. We service in excess of 25,000 sites across the United States.


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